This has become a popular topic as I often hear, how do I add a channel for my local repeater or hotspot – this is usually when a user wants to add another talk group for the repeater or hotspot as well as due to having multiple hotspots.

The process is fairly much the same in both circumstances – you will duplicate another channel and change some of the information that is relevant to the reason for adding the channel.


In most cases, users want to add another channel for a talk group, more so that Brandmeister is moving away from reflectors. In this case, you need to duplicate your current hotspot channel – all the settings however link the channel to the relevant talk group (ensure that you have this talk group in the radio). You can then add this channel to your hotspot zone.

If you want to add a channel due to obtaining another hotspot, then duplicate your other hotspot channel(s) and put in the relevant frequency and colour code – remember that there are only 2 frequencies for low power non NoV devices – 434.000MHz and 438.800MHz. Remember that if you have multiple devices (especially on the same network), the DMR ID in the radio needs to include a suffix – this is to identify each hotspot on the network. Many people have more than one simplex hotspot – each linked to a different talk group such as one on UK Wide and the other on their regional talk group.


This is much the same as the hotspot instructions however you also need to ensure that you select the correct time slot relevant to the talk group that you are adding.


If you are comfortable with exporting and importing the CSV files, then you can copy and paste in additional lines into the channels file and update the relevant fields (time slot and talk group). Remember that if the CSV import has a column with a numerical sequence in it, that you need to update the sequence to ensure all lines have a number and that it’s in numerical seqeuence (thiis applies to models such as the Anytones). Once uploaded, then add the channel to the relevant zone/scan list.