The CPS (Customer Programming Software) is essential for programming the radio. This performs the read and write function between the CPS and radio as well as allowing you to create/edit the code plug. It’s available free from all manufacturers with the exception of Motorola (outside of the USA).

Firmware updates are released in order to resolve issues and add functionality to the radios therefore its vital to do the updates however it’s sometimes a good idea to wait a little to ensure that the update does not cause any issues.

I tend to keep a copy of previously released versions of the CPS and Firmware in the event of an issue. Also, please ensure you make a backup of your code plug before updating. To make it easier to differentiate each code plug backup, make a note of the CPS and Firmware version in the file name (example: MD380-CPS1.15-FW2.50-20200430). This also helps in the event that you want to go back to a previous version due to an issue with a newer CPS and/or Firmware update.

In order to do a Firmware update, you need to put the radio into DFU mode. As mentioned in the Terminology section, the method of doing this as well as any other steps required, differs between manufacturers and radios. Some manufacturers such as Anytone, will send out both a CPS and Firmware update in one package with various documents which advises how to put the radio into DFU mode and also the other steps which includes a MCU Update. Its vital to read any included documentation so that you perform all the required steps otherwise you may cause an issue with the radio.

You can check your firmware version within the radio by going to the settings and looking for a menu such as “Radio Info”.