Hotspots are not new to the digital world. DV Mega has been selling hotspots for D-Star for a long time. Hotspots have evolved just the same as the networks and radios.

There are quite a large number of units available now supported by a few variants of software. The majority of hotspots are simplex and on UHF. There are also a few portable units with built in batteries and some duplex units.

The software has also evolved to support numerous digital modes – DMR, D-Star, YSF, P25 and NXDN as well as numerous platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. Software is written by amateurs so please support them and understand that they are doing this free of charge for their fellow amateur radio enthusiasts.

There are also alternative options than a hotspot and radio which allows users to access the DMR network via a bit of hardware and a computer or some software running on various platforms. These will also be highlighted in the sub-menu’s.