The DV Mega has been around a long time, originally available for D-Star users. The same device is now in use for various other digital modes and now they also come in various options depending on the hardware setup.

The main company is a Dutch company (https://www.dvmega.nl/) and ML&S are the UK authorised reseller (https://www.hamradio.co.uk/digital-modes-dv-mega-pc-738.php)

DV Mega Cast (https://www.dvmega.nl/dvmega/)

This unit is built into a box to resemble a radio and contains a 2.4″ touchscreen. It’s a AMBE 3000 based multimode radio and the host system is based on the Nano-Pi and Pi-Star created as a joint venture by Ruud PE1MSZ and Gus PE1PLM. It works off LAN or wi-fi. On the ML&S site, it notes that the Cast is not shipped with a power cable, power supply or microphone (available to purchase separately).

DV Mega DVstick 30 (https://www.dvmega.nl/dvstick30/)

This is a dongle that works via a computer USB port as well as via a mobile phone using an OTG cable. This unit does not require the use of a DMR radio so it’s suitable for travel and uses BlueDV software (use the BlueDV AMBE app on a mobile phone).

Raspberry Pi Hotspot (https://www.dvmega.nl/raspberry-hotspot/)

This unit comprises of a UHF or dual band board placed on top of a raspberry pi. This can be run utilising pi-star software.


DV Mega Bluestack

This unit comprises of a UHF or dual band board placed on top of a bluestack board of which there are two available. One for Android users (https://www.hamradio.co.uk/digital-modes-dv-mega/dvmega/dv-mega-android-stack-pack-pd-7847.php) and one for iPhone users (https://www.hamradio.co.uk/digital-modes-dv-mega/dvmega/dv-mega-i-stack-pack-kit-pd-7846.php). These units can also be run off a computer or raspberry pi via BlueDV software.