There are a few hotspots that utilise various raspberry pi boards and pi-star software.

DV Mega

Details of this unit are covered within it’s own section. You can also have a look at what is on offer from the manufacturer in the Netherlands – https://www.dvmega.nl/

Jumbospott / SunSpot (https://moonrakeronline.com/sunspot-mmdvm-hotspot)

This is a small device mainly available off internet sites. It uses a pi-star software.

Genisis MMDVM (http://www.dvmega.co.uk/MMDVM%20PI3%20B+%20Nextion%20UniT.html)

This is a UHF unit with a large Nextion display and build in antenna.

Duplex (http://dvmega.co.uk/MMDVM%20PI3%20Duplex%20Shield.html)

This is a duplex board on a raspberry pi with an OLED display. Other units are available off the internet which include Nextion displays.

DV Mega (www.dvmega.co.uk) were the original reseller in the UK before this was passed over to ML&S (https://www.hamradio.co.uk/digital-modes-dv-mega-pc-738.php). They now supply a variety of different units of different sizes and configurarions.

There are also a number of raspberry pi based hotspots with the same base hardware, just different cases and displays.