In the UK, we have access to a two major networks:

Brandmeister (which has the SALOP Cluster and FreeDMR linked to it) and Phoenix (which is linked with DMR-MARC and DMR Plus, has the Northern DMR Cluster linked to it and also has links with DV Scotland) – both offer local, regional, national and international connectivity.

Then there is the SALOP Cluster and South West Cluster – each contain several repeaters that are linked to form a “cluster”.

Also, some UK operators utilise an American based network called TGIF, via hotspots.

An important note: With the introduction of MMDVM repeaters, Keepers are able to have their repeaters connected to Dual Networks (usually Brandmeister and Phoenix). There are a few of these repeaters in the UK, therefore it’s ideal to check the websites for both networks to see if your local repeater shows on both – if it is, try and locate the repeater website (I have listed as many as possible under the “Supporting Repeaters” menu) to see what the talk group layout is per time slot.

It’s important to know that there is no link between all these networks/clusters despite them using similar talk groups and/or reflector numbers and names.

However a few exceptions have since been put into place – following the recent changes with BM UK, Phoenix UK currently has no talk groups linked with BM UK however they are now linked with FreeDMR (note that these are ONLY available on Phoenix repeaters and not via hotspots)

There is also Hubnet ( and CQ-UK ( which links numerous platforms including Brandmeister and Phoenix. CQ-UK can be accessed via TG27246 on Brandmeister and TG2351 on Phoenix. Hubnet is accessed via TG23526 (Ref 4426) on Brandmeister and TG23526 on Phoenix.

Regardless of the network/cluster, TG9 is local – it does not go through the network/cluster and is much the same as using an analogue repeater however the calls will still appear on the networks live monitor and logs (if applicable).

APRS users : Phoenix and Brandmeister support APRS (not any of the clusters linked to these networks) – this goes via 5057 on Phoenix (see network features on, 234999 on Brandmeister and 9057 on the DV Scotland Network.

Here’s a map to the various networks (note that it’s not an official map and created from publically available information so there may be some errors) – DMR UK Repeater Map