Brandmeister is a group of around 120 repeaters connected to a master server to provide access to the international community. The network comprises of around 25% repeaters and 75% hotspots users.

There are around 1538 talk groups ( as at the end of July 2020 which are accessible on all repeaters across the worldwide network. The talk group structure covers anything from Worldwide to regions within numerous countries, bridges to other modes, special groups and various other topics.

Below is the current BM UK talk group listing – note that Brandmeiste no longer uses reflectors (as from late 2020).

Repeater Keepers have the option to define what talk groups are Always On. TS1 is mainly used for talk groups and TG9 TS2 is used for reflectors. On many repeaters, TG9 is connected to a reflector – either UK Wide or the region.

You can search for a repeater (, click on the repeater name to bring up information on the repeater, the repeaters last heard as well as information on Always On talk groups and if a reflector if linked to TG9 TS2. Note that some talk groups may be Always On at set times such as TG91 (Worldwide) for the Saturday net.

The Brandmeister network supports APRS via 234999 (Private Call) – this can be routed via any slot.

Here’s a link to the main Brandmeister website –