Phoenix UK started as the European side of the DMR-MARC Network. Due to restrictions with the DMR-MARC Network and the need to provide more to both UK and European users, OpenDMR.Net was launched providing connection to the DMR-MARC Network and Phoenix UK was launched as the Uk side of the network.

The launch of OpenDMR.Net and Phoenix UK introduced a different server system moving away from a commercial C-Bridge which could allow Keepers to move away from Motorola repeaters to cheaper, more flexible alternatives. This also allowed the introduction of new talk groups such as the regional, sub regional and UK Wide UA groups.

The network contains around 67 repeaters across most of the UK with the exception to the North West England (covered by the Northern DMR Cluster) and Scotland (covered by DV Scotland).

The talk group structure is the same across the entire network – all talk groups are available via all repeaters. The variable being which are Always on and User Activated such as the regional talk groups and possibly a few others at the request of the repeater keeper (such as CQ-UK or Hubnet).

The majority of repeaters have at least 1 regional talk group as Always On which is for the region of coverage. Some repeaters may have more than 1 as Always On due to coverage across regional borders. The other regional talk groups will be User Activated.

The website is the User Information side of the Phoenix UK network and can provide information on the network including repeater information and talk groups.

The Phoenix network supports APRS via 5057 (Private Call) – this can be routed via any slot.

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