Anytone are not a new player in the radio market, having produced 4m, 10m and 2m/70m radios. They entered the DMR market late however it seems that they have used the time to produce a ground breaking product range that have become the best out there by far.

Their handheld range are fairly much the same radio but each new model includes new features. Digital APRS, great memory capacity and a 3100mAh extended battery are standard. There is also a standard battery but this does not seem to be offered as standard – it is available via The radios are nearly fully programmable via the radio menu’s and keypad however I would suggest doing the the initial code plug via the CPS.


Anytone’s entry level handheld radio which became a huge success. It also comes with DMR APRS as standard. A little after the launch of the AT-D878UV, Anytone released a Firmware update to bring the AT-D868UV up to AT-D878UV specifications.


The next in the handheld range, which in addition to the AT-D868UV features, contains analogue APRS, Talker Alias and Roaming. The 878 range has a blue emergency button and improved antenna. Anytone have kept with with the same case and battery as the AT-D868UV.

AT-D878UV Plus

The addition to the Plus model is the introduction of a Bluetooth module with a seperate PTT button that has a velcro strap – handy to put on the gearlever or steering wheel. This works with many bluetooth earphones as well as many car Bluetooth systems. With some BT earpieces with a button (such as the Plantronics M25), the button can be used as the PTT. The Bluetooth menu’s allow options to use BT for as the mic and/or speaker. There is no visable change to the case – the addition is just a bluetooth module added inside the case. There is a label on the back of the radio which is visable when the battery is removed and you can see there is a tick next to BT.

AT-D578UV Pro

This is their mobile model which comes in various model options including tri-band which is sold in the USA. Most UK vendors sell the Pro version which is based on the AT-D878UV Plus. This model also includes cross band repeater and has volume controls for each VFO.

Jason VK7ZJA has done a website of modifications, tips, hints and technical information on the Anytone range.