Baofeng got off to a rocky start with their first DMR radio, the DM-5R. This radio is unsuitable for use on DMR repeaters as it transmits simultaneously on both time slots, therefore blocking the repeater for other users. These radios are therefore only suitable for hotspots, simplex and analogue repeaters as they are not to be used on DMR repeaters.

They have since improved their products and the one radio I have seen and tried is the DM-9HX currently sold by Moonraker ( The upside is the extended battery and the downside to this radio is it’s memory capacity which is fairly much in line with Baofengs analogue range therefore it could handle hotspots, simplex and a few repeaters. However, its still well liked by those that follow Baofeng products.

I do believe that there is another model on the market, the RD-5R however I’ve not seen this sold by UK vendors, only online. This model looks the same as other Baofeng models and comes with a standard battery and no improvement to the memory capacity or features.