Motorola are a major commercial manufacturer with many radios on the market however they have maintained their focus on their commercial side. Many radios have made it onto online sites and there are a few commercial vendors still serving the amateur community. The major downfall is that the CPS is not readily available via legal channels outside of North America.

The range includes DPxxxx (handhelds), DMxxxx (mobiles) and SLxxxx (small and light) and are all mono band radios.

The earlier 3000 series includes models with no display as well as models with very limited memory and using channel numbers. The 4000 series contains many improvements to the display as well as other features such as GPS, OTA programming. Their mobile radios are also available in low and high power.

One good feature of Motorola DMR radios is the roaming function which is as easy to setup as a scan list and works extremly well. I’ve used it many times on travels around the M25 and have had no issues keeping a connection as long as there is a DMR repeater in range.

There are still many amateurs who enjoy the quality solid build of a Motorola DMR radio however with the lack of improvements to cater for DMR in the amateur radio hobby, they have lost popularity.

Their range of repeaters however, still remains very popular for those that prefer commercial equipment and do not want the additional features that a MMDVM repeater can provide such as dual network and dual mode.