There are several other brands of DMR radios which are less popular with the others. I shall try to cover all the ones I have come across.

Alinco DJ-MD5 – Similar to the Anytone and sold by several vendors

Kirisun – They have several models however I’ve not seen any being sold in the UK

Kydera – A brand that seem to pop in to the UK market some time back but didn’t seem to maintain a “foot in the door”. I have seen a new product “CDR-300UV” which is a small 20w mobile unit – http://www.nakatoyo.com/Kydera/CDR_300UV_Mini_Car_radio.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0EQEhd5UNE6sN-YpLXZ3f2AhS911oKb2KdMPSw8PZUkCTgEi8cTfuzGFM

Tait – I have no information of what they produce and I’ve not seen any being sold in the UK

Vertex Standard EVX-S24 – This seems to be the only model which is being sold by Radiotronics

Wouxan KG-UVN1 – Currently sold my ML&S and Radioworld