Radioddity started off with the GD-77 dual band radio which got off to a bad start. Programming this radio was a nightmare compared to other manufacturers. However I believe that firmware updates have made major improvements to this radio.

Memory capacity is 1024 channels, 250 zones. 64 scan lists and 1000 DMR ID’s.

Roger VK3KYY has come up with an “experimental” firmware branded the OpenGD77. This firmware allows users of the GD-77 to connect the radio to a Raspberry Pi running pi-star and be used as a hotspot without any other hardware.

I’ve also been provided with information that the OpenGD77 firmware will also be suitable for visually impaired operators, as also published by the RAIBC (Radio Amateurs Invalid and Blind Club) as voice prompts and beeps have been added. For further information on this, please visit


They then released the GD-77S which is based on the GD-77 however there is no display (not sure why they did this as its difficult to operate DMR without being able to see what channel you are on).

Memory capacity is 1024 channels, 32 zones containing 16 channels, 64 scan lists holding 32 channels and 256 DMR ID’s.


As well as the GD-73A UHF radio aimed for hotspot users with a power output of 0.5W & 2W.

Memory capacity is small (1024 channels and 64 zones) so it’s also suitable for short range simplex as well as a few analogue/DMR repeaters.

It seems Radioddity DMR radios are only available via online sources.