Despite their being two “manufacturers” names list here, Retevis and TYT sell the same radios under different brands and model numbers – Retevis models prefix with RT and TYT models prefix with MD. In this write up, I shall note the Retevis model followed by the TYT model numbers.

RT3/MD380 & RT8/MD390

The variances between the two models were mainly moving the belt clip from connecting to the battery to connecting to the chassis above the battery and improvements to waterproofing. This range became one of the most popular, partly due to the release of “experimental” firmware, which made a decent radio one of the best on the market.


This range were the first dual band DMR handheld radios to be launched. The RT82 was also sold under the Moonraker badge as the HT-500D. Also to note that there are some slight differences between the models in refards to the PTT, case and antenna. Retevis/TYT failed somewhat with the introduction of the trackball, a feature which luckily could be turned off. Programming dual VFO’s was not easily done as you had to enter channels for each. Colin G4EML came up with a bit of software which made it easier to copy all channels in one VFO over to the other and also a few other edits to the code plug, which saved time.


This was the launch of the first dual band DMR mobile radios however the first hardware versions had several issues which could be resolved, as Colin G4EML found out and published. Later hardware versions had the improvements included.

RT3S / MD-UV380

As the RT82/MD-2017 were not very popular, Retevis/TYT repackaged the radios into the same shells as their mono band range. I’m not sure if this managed to help Retevis/TYT recover from the damage done by the RT82/MD-2017 range.

Ailunce HD1


Retevis has also launched the Ailunce HD1 with no TYT version. This is a solid radio, much like the feel of a Motorola. The first models seemed like retevis had taken a step back in regards to ease of programming however I believe that firmware updates have made major improvements to this radio.

Retevis RT73


Retevis have just launched the RT73 which is a rebranding of the Kydera CDR-300UV. This is a dual band mobile radio with an output of 5w – 20w. It can handle 4000 channels (250/zone), 20 000 ta;l groups and 200 000 contacts. It has GPS (includes a small GPS antenna that attaches to the rear of the body). It’s a small radio that’s suitable to take portable or install in your car easier than a standard mobile as it measures around 121.5mm x 65.5mm x 42.5mm and is only 1.3kg. Just a word of caution, whilst this is a great radio, the CPS is a step back from what many would be used to from Retevis and other manufacturers.