The frequencies to be used for DMR simplex are defined in the UK Amateur Radio Band Plan. We share the analogue allocation as it’s noted FM/DV (Digital Voice) however DV users are not to use the FM calling channel as another has been allocated specifically for digital.

Note that on the 2m and 70cm lists, I have replaced the FM calling channel frequency with the DV calling channel frequency, still utilising the FM channel name prefixed with D.

Channel naming can be rather messy as some simplex users may still follow the naming convention based on the old channel spacing. Now with the channels being shared between analogue and digital users, it could become more confusing in regards to naming the channels in the code plug.

A simple method I have used is to prefix the channel name with A or D to differentiate between an analogue and digital channel.

An example : 145.2000MHz was originally S8 but under the new channel spacing is V16. For an analogue entry I use AV16 and digital channel I use DV16.

I utilise the same channel naming method for the calling channels despite analogue and digital not having the same frequency – this prevents the need to “create” a new channel number and adding confusion.

Note: in the earlier days of DMR there were unofficial 2m and 70cm used for simplex. I have included these however users are urged to move over to the official allocation to prevent any potential interferance and align themselves with the correct channels.

The common UK settings are TG9 , Slot 1 , Colour Code 1