The DMR Guide UK is a project I started originally launched as a PDF document called “A Simple Guide to DMR in the UK”. This became very popular however, it proved unsuitable for a mode that was still evolving. I then moved over to a free WordPress website, which would be easier to update as required due to changes with the networks and hardware. It started off well but the free site got a little over run by advertising. I was then offered a free service from a fellow amateur in regards to setting up a domain and hosting the website.

The aim of this website is to provide an basic insight into various aspects of the mode and hardware. Pictures of hardware / software have been added as well as website links to relevant websites and other sources of information, of which there is a lot out there so I have tried to help point people in the right direction.

I started my journey as an aviation enthusiast (quite appropriate as I now live near Heathrow airport) which led me to start using a scanner and picked up on amateur radio. I got my foundation licence in mid 2014 and my intermediate in late 2014. Around September 2014, I went to TMRF (Elstree Aerodrome) to purchase some coax and ended up with a CS700 UHF DMR radio (Chris G0WTZ is a good salesman) – which is where my journey into DMR started. With guidance from fellow amateurs (including G6FGY and the late G8WOY) that had already settled into DMR, I got to grips with writing code plugs – I’ve had many DMR radios and thus learnt about the commonalities and variables between various manufacturers and models. I also took an interest in the workings of the sole UK DMR network at that time (DMR-MARC), a period during which I had access to one repeater and now I have access to half a dozen as the mode in the UK has expanded very fast within a few years.

Whilst there is always something to learn, I believe that I have learnt sufficient within this period to be comfortable with using the networks and the various hardware available to us.

And by setting up this website, I hope to help others and point them to sources of information that will help with their journey into DMR. However, if you still have questions, never be afraid to ask as there is usually someone else out there that is wondering about the same thing and others can also learn from the answers provided.

The majority of this site is put together through my knowledge as well as publically available sources so there is a chance that there may be some errors or omissions – if you notice anything, please send an email to

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I shall end the introduction with a word of thanks to Peter G7OBK for providing the domain name and sponsoring the hosting of this website through his company:

ONMEDIA ( which is the web hosting element of Avdec Ltd (, who are also Microsoft Partners and offer Microsoft Business Cloud solutions with or without support (ie: Microsoft 365 Business Standard).

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