There are various people that have had a direct or indirect influence on my progression not just within amateur radio or DMR but providing knowledge or assistance in my journey to assist others.

Eric G6FGY [AKA, the Licenced Listener] who has provided a lot of valuable assistance in my journey into DMR and has supported many of my projects.

Graeme G4XOF [SK] who took the time to carefully read my original PDF from end to end [even before I had read it all], providing the necessary edits and amendments as well as proof reading my first webite []

and many others – Iain G0RDI, Chris G0WTZ, Paul M0PFX, Mike G8WOY [SK], Tom G0NSY, Winston G4PEF and Andy 2E0DIQ to name a few.

Also a word of thanks to

Chris G0WTZ and the team at

for allowing me the opportunity to play with various radios and providing space for me at various radio rallys []

John Miklor [K3NXU]

for allowing me to use and make reference to his valuable website,

And my domain provider & website hosting sponsor, Peter G7OBK though his company

the web hosting element of Avdec Ltd who are also Microsoft Partners.